Automotive Body Repair & Finishing


At William Beaumont LLP we have experienced associates who have the knowledge required to prepare and finish the paint system on your vehicle.

Combine this with the very best commercial tools available, a commercial spray booth and you have paint finish to be proud of!

We specialise in the following special effect 2k paints;

  • MetalFlake - Millions of tiny flakes produce a dazzling three dimensional metallic finish
  • Glowble -  More fiery brilliance than any other flake
  • Vreeble - Crackle finish over a silver glowble base
  • Eerie-Dess - Silver eerie-dess over black ground coat, top coated with 3 candy colours
  • Spindrift - Over white acrylic lacquer and black acrylic lacquer ground coats
  • StarPearl - A pearlescent finish with rich, glowing lustre!
  • Flip Flop - Flip flops from one colour to another for unique visual effects 
  • MicroGlow - Brilliant bases for candy colours
  • Mirra - The fantastic iridescence with a prismatic effect 

Automotive Detailing 

Once you’ve purchased your cherished vehicle it’s important to keep it looking great. William Beaumont LLP detailing services not only revive tired paintwork, but will help protect your finish from harmful weather conditions and salt ingrain.

Our skilled associates use premium products to restore lacquer, removing light scratches and polishing swirls. Applying a light machine compound, polish and hand wax to give the ultimate shadow & swirl/hologram free finish.images/300/bonnet.jpg

    • Mobile Service Available - Home or Work

    • Premium Products Used

Worried about your pride and joy? You don’t have to be, our detailing associates are car enthusiasts too so will treat your vehicle like their own.

Unlike other detailing companies, William Beaumont LLP has paint application knowledge, not just treating a finished lacquer.

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You don’t have to be rich or famous to benefit from our services, just passionate about the finish of your vehicle.

Our premium service is carried out in a special temperature controlled and lit booth. We can also provide a detailing service including canvas cleaning, paint reviving and polishing for motorboats & yachts.



From jet skis to larger leisure craft William Beaumont LLP can apply a full range of paint systems for hulls and interiors.

Our service includes fresh and salt water environments encompassing Anti-fouling to prevent barnacles, weeds and slime, primers from Teamac for hulls, Anti-slip deck paints, yacht varnishes and oils including teak oil from Teamac & Owatrol.    



Once your boat is dry docked we will come to you, our associates are experienced in providing an on-site service.

We are able operate outside the UK, so don’t worry if your boat is docked elsewhere!