Our commercial spraying associates have experience in interior and exterior commercial paint and decoration. They are all CSCS card holders and meet the site safety standard required.

Are you a commercial refurbishment & fit out contractor? Contact us for a quote, in many cases we can fulfil your paint & decoration requirement more cost effectively.

Offices & Shops 


From suspended ceilings to dry lined and finished plastered walls, William Beaumont LLP can provide a commercial paint solution to meet your budget and criteria.

We are able to work out of office ours to leave minimal disruption to your workplace.





Warehouses & Garages

Our spraying specialists are able to cover large areas cost effectively. The finish achieved is superior to rolled or brushed applications.

For environments that receive constant traffic we are able to apply quality floor paints with non-slip properties. PU Floor paints are specially formulated to resist oil and Grease, leaving a hard wearing finish.


3M™ Scotchkote™ Urethane Floor Coating FB857

Formerly Thortex Floor-Tech FB, 100% solids, a degree of flexibility for application to concrete and asphalt floor surfaces.

3M™ Scotchkote™ Urethane Wall Coating UV843

Formerly Thortex Wall-Tech UV a water based gloss coating developed to provide a durable finish for use on internal and external surfaces.


Industrial & Chemical Resistant Coatings

3M Scotchkote™ Specialist Coatings

William Beaumont LLP can provide the full range of coatings by 3M™ for all types of substrate. From corrosion resistance, to anti slip and anti graffiti paint systems we can apply the right coating for your application. Below are just a few of the types available;

3M™ UniTec Primer GP

Scotchkote WB Epoxy Primer GP 830. Copon Hycote 51WT Unitech GP Primer a primer tie coat for Glazed Tiles, Brickwork Plaster, Dense Concrete.

3M™ ScotchKote™ WallTech WB 800

Scotchkote WB800 Formerly Thortex, Copon, WallTech WB 800 Water Based Urethane, Approved by London Underground.

3M™ ScotchKote™ Poly-Tech EC661-UV662

Scotchkote (Thortex) Poly-Tech EC 661 protects a wide range of substrates including cold, warm or inverted roofs, flat, pitch, corrugated, dormer and north light. Valley gutters, flashings, upstands cappings and protrusions. It can also be used as general waterproofing over a wide range of common construction substrates and insulants.