Not sure the colour scheme that works best for you, your family & property? William Beaumont LLP can provide an experienced interior designer to help you achieve the look and feel you’ve dreamed of in your home. Our designer will work closely with you to understand your needs and fulfil your objective.

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Our Team

Depth of skill sets from the highest quality hand brushed finishes, hard wood polishing, stains and wood treatments to airless and hvlp spraying. Our team can cover all interior and exterior finishes. 

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Dust Free 

By using dust extraction by Mirka on all our sanding equipment, we are able to reduce dust particles created during the preparation stages. Clean up time is reduced with a safer working environment, and ultimately less disruption to your home.

Kitchens & Furniture - HVLP 

By using HVLP technology William Beaumont LLP can provide a unique finish to Kitchen units, fitted wardrobes and items of free standing furniture.


Colours can be matched to an exisiting object in your home to achieve the design you have always wanted. 

Look no further than our re-spray option. Smooth, tough and durable surfaces that are wipe clean freindly.

No need to remove units from walls or create dust or mess in your home. We remove all unit frontage and spray off site, with the carcases masked, prepared and sprayed same day.  


Hand Painted Kitchens & Furniture

A hand painted finish to your kitchen or furniture will provide an individual traditional look to your room.

Many small paint manufacturers such as 'Zoffany' and 'Earth Born' offer high performance coatings suited to the kitchen environment. Matched with a brushed finish these products can transform a tired kitchen or piece of furniture.



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